Why are we doing this survey now?

    The existing senior center in Pennington Borough is scheduled to close at the end of 2017. We can use this opportunity to determine whether or not to create a new senior and/or community facility that could serve all residents of Hopewell Valley.

    Who is eligible to complete this survey?

    All residents in Hopewell Valley 30 years and over are invited to complete this survey. 

    Who is sponsoring this survey?

    Hopewell Township is sponsoring this survey. Zeldis Research Associates, Inc., a local market research firm, will analyze the data and make a presentation to the Hopewell Township Committee upon completion of the survey process.

    How will the survey data be used?

    The Hopewell Township Committee will take residents’ responses to this survey into account when formulating policy about if and how to create a senior and/or community center. 

    However, the Township Committee will not treat this survey as a binding referendum where “votes” are counted and treated as definitive.

    Are my survey responses private?

    We do not ask for specific identification or contact information. If you choose to receive updates on this issue, however, you can include your name and email in the survey itself.

    When will the survey stop taking responses?

    The survey will be closed one month after its inception, on June 6, 2017.

    If I do not live in Hopewell Township, can I respond to the survey?

    All Valley residents are invited to respond to the survey. The survey sponsor, the Hopewell Township Committee, plans to share the final report with the Councils of Hopewell and Pennington Boroughs.

    When will the survey's report be available to the public?

    It is anticipated that the survey's Preliminary Report will be available to the public and the three municipalities in the Valley within two months of the closing of the survey.

    How do I ask a question about the survey and the project?

    Please send us your questions by completing the form under the Q & A tab on this site.