What is the Hopewell Valley Solar Challenge?

     The Challenge is a competition among 7 selected New Jersey towns seeking the greatest number of new solar installations per capita by May 31, 2017. The winning town will receive a $10,000 prize from Sustainable Jersey to be used for a “green” project.

    Why should I join the Hopewell Valley Solar Challenge?

    Join the Hopewell Valley Solar Challenge to save money, generate your own “green” electricity, and help our town win a $10,000 prize from Sustainable Jersey! All you need to do is go to SolarHopewell.org to receive specifics on the most appropriate system design and scale for your place and estimates for the best price. No annoying phone calls or unsolicited proposals!

    Who are the partners in the Hopewell Valley Solar Challenge?

    The Solar Challenge is a unique partnership between the Hopewell Township Environmental Commission and Hopewell Valley Green Team, together with Energy Sage and Sustainable Jersey. Endorsed by resolutions of the Hopewell Township Committee and Pennington Borough, the project aims to facilitate solar photovoltaic power installation across Hopewell Township and Pennington Borough. Funded by a $3,000 grant from Sustainable Jersey, residents were recently notified of this challenge by mail. 

    What are the benefits of participating in the Solar Challenge?

    Swiftly identify the best system for your unique situation

    Access free on-line resources and fully vetted installers

    Save thousands of dollars through lowest prices

    Make money through NJ solar renewable energy credits (SRECs)

    Generate your own solar electricity, offsetting CO2 emissions

    Help us win the $10,000 prize for a more sustainable Hopewell Valley

    What is Sustainable Jersey?

    Sustainable Jersey is an innovative nonprofit organization that provides tools, training, and financial incentives to communities pursuing sustainability programs such as cutting greenhouse gas emissions and other community-wide efforts.

    What is EnergySage?

    EnergySage is the only independent comparison-shopping website for solar energy systems and financing options in the country. The EnergySage portal accessed through SolarHopewell.org provides concise information about financial options including purchase and lease comparisons, solar technologies and materials, specifications for your situation, and projected future savings. The online marketplace provides direct contact with a growing list of pre-screened and validated solar installers. By fostering competitive bidding the process leads to the most appropriate system design and scale and leads to the best possible price quotes.

    Will I be barraged by annoying sales phone calls?

    No! We pledge no annoying phone calls or unsolicited proposals!

    Who should I contact for more information on the Hopewell Valley Solar Challenge?

    For more information, contact: solarhopewell@gmail.com